Perspective - The Netherlands 2023 / 2024

Virtual Travel Trade Networking Event (Belgium, Germany & UK)

March 10, 2022

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March 10, 2022
Duration: 1 Day

Perspective - The Netherlands 2023 / 2024

The Netherlands Bureau of Tourism & Convention (NBTC) invites you to a virtual travel trade networking event. The central focus here is the exchange between the German, English and Belgium travel industry and travel professionals from the Netherlands. In addition, current topics that will play in the Netherlands in the following two years will be presented. From cultural highlights, active opportunities in nature to the hidden gems of the Netherlands, away from the hotspots, everything is included to make your travel programmes become even more interesting and varied. But also insights into travel trends and developments in the travel sector will be given, which are pioneering for the future of the travel industry. We look forward to your registration.
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Justin Reid - Director of Media, Destinations, Hotels and Growth (Tripadvisor)

“Justin Reid has been at the forefront of Tripadvisor’s destination marketing and travel media solution for nearly 7 years now. Prior to that he was the digital director at VisitBritain during the early adoption of digital marketing and in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games. Travel is his passion and in his mind there is no more worthwhile job than trying to ensure people have the best holiday possible each and every year. Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel platform and just recently celebrated over 1 billion reviews on the platform”.

Join the interactive breakout session at 14.40h (Dutch time) with Justin and NBTC representatives from the three markets: Martin Pohl (Germany), Sandra Ishmael (UK) and Bram Straatman (Belgium).  The breakout team will present the latest facts, figures and news, giving an insight into current consumer travel behaviour.  Hear the live discussion about whether consumers really are booking, or are they just looking? And, what are they searching for right now?  Join in and ask questions, or just listen along, the choice is yours!  

Den Haag is in 2022 en 2023 the place to be!

If there is one city where art, culture and nature merge to perfection, it is The Hague. From a museum located in a former working palace, to Dutch masters, theatre, dance, music and Dutch design. With an 11 km long coast and National Park Holland Dunes. Created over 5000 years ago by the rising sea level, this is now a unique landscape. The Hague, city by the sea where there is something for everyone to enjoy 365 days a year.This year and next year, two major jubilees with festive programmes and special exhibitions are coming up. In 2022, the Mauritshuis will celebrate its 200th anniversary and next year the artist M.C. Escher will celebrate his 125th birthday.

With a festive agenda, The Hague will be the place to be in 2022 and 2023.

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Paleis Het Loo - A royal visit for your groups

After a major renovation Paleis Het Loo is ready to give you a warm welcome in royal surroundings. An extraordinary day out. The most authentic palace of the 17th century. This location on the Veluwe has been important for the founding of the Netherlands as we know it today.

Get to know the House of Orange, the Dutch Royals: wander through their private apartments in the palace and enjoy the impressive baroque gardens, regarded as one of the finest gardens in Europe.

Paleis Het Loo is the new must see in the Netherlands and it certainly deserves a place on your Holland tour.

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Friesland - ARCADIA, May 7 till August 14 2022

Together with Friesland, Leeuwarden was the European Capital of Culture 2018, and Arcadia is the first triennial to follow up on this. Arcadia offers 100 summer days of an open-air stage for national and international art makers.

Offerings include a wandering forest in the streets of Leeuwarden and an international visual art exhibition in the leafy Oranjewoud and much more. Discover the theme year during a trip through Friesland.

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